3 Phase Plan Overview

Our mission is to place every child eligible for adoption into a permanent, loving home through a results-based 3-Phase Plan while also providing safe and loving conditions and opportunities for those that await re-unification or another permanency outcome.

Phase 1 consists of a Pilot Program that leads into a National Campaign to attract more than enough families for every child eligible for adoption and shepherd them through the adoption process via The Bridge Program. Phase 1 also includes Matching Tech to streamline the matching process between agencies, foster youth and families.

Phases 2 and 3 aim to empower the social worker and revolutionize the group home setting.

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The 3 Phases

We will attract more than enough individuals and families community-by-community for every single child who is available for adoption. We will do this through an unprecedented multi-media campaign that creates mass awareness, brings this topic into our national dialogue, engages and mobilizes the community.


Attract more Individuals & Families

We will do this by supporting social workers, caseworkers and other professionals with new modern matching tools and resources as well as additional proven and effective training and development opportunities. 


Empower Social & Case Workers

We are creating a Home and Collegiate Environment by and scaling successful models already delivering exceptional outcomes for these children.


Revolutionizing the Group Home Setting

Attract more Individuals & Families

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