Our Founder

Born into the foster care system and adopted by amazing parents at 4 months old, Leah is keenly aware that the trajectory of her life could have gone very differently. She could have easily become a statistic.

She recognizes the same could be said for Steve Jobs or Nelson Mandela or a host of others. Would we even have iPhones if Steve Jobs had been forced to focus on his survival, versus tapping into his human genius by having been adopted? Maybe.

Leah was one of the lucky ones

How much human genius is being lost within the 500,000 children trying to survive?

Probably a lot...

Leah launched Half A Million Kids 501c3, a charity born out of a documentary she embarked on about the U.S. Foster Care System and the absence of substantial recruitment campaigns for individuals and families looking to adopt.

 Leah’s dedication to finding permanent homes for foster children eligible for adoption gave rise to the organization, which aims to positively alter the life trajectory of more than 3400 kids in the Philadelphia Region and ultimately 500,000 kids nationwide. 

As Founder, Leah holds the vision for Half A Million Kids results based 3-Phase Plan as well as design and development of the Campaigns, Matching Tech, Bridge Program and scaling of The National Model.

She has vast experience as a 25 year entrepreneur, producer, author and trainer. She has been featured in local, national and international media. The benefits of her work have been documented in a multi-center research study by Indiana State & Temple University.

 She also serves on The Boards of Philadelphia based Partners for Civic Pride (PFCP), North10/The Lenfest Center and Texas based Willow Tree Projects. Leah’s life’s purpose and work is now dedicated to the often overlooked and underserved foster and trafficked children of our country.

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