Phase 3

Foster children are not being raised in the safety and security of a loving and supporting family.

They often live in 1950’s substandard housing or are shuffled from home-to-home, often moving between ten or more homes by the age of twelve.

The least we can do as a society is provide the best conditions and environment for success in life.

Why Revolutionize Where Foster Kids Live?

The Being Beautiful House-Parent model combines the successful elements of larger congregate care programming along with the personal love, care and attention of traditional residential family style living. The Founders, Valerie Crabbe and Larry Harris, exemplify the qualities and characteristics of the ideal foster or adoptive parents and train and provide management and oversight of the Program. 

The Quann Home for Girls, named after Pastor Quann from Bethlehem Baptist Church for his initial support and ongoing dedication, has been recognized by the Secretary of Human Services (Valerie Arkoosh), the Deputy Mayor for the Office of Children and Families (Vanessa Garrett Harley), and the Commissioner for the city of Philadelphia Department of Human Services (Kimberly Ali).

We are supporting the replication and expansion of the very successful model the Being Beautiful Foundation has created. 

Two home models that go hand-in-hand

House-Parent Model

Imagine a modern campus home environment setting that rivals the best private boarding schools in the country and, additionally, brings in the “best of the best” teachers, mentors, industry leaders, and inspirational and accomplished professionals and fun celebrity and athlete appearances for the most optimal living/learning experience where youth are supported and empowered.

From a superior education to farming, to the trades, to college prep and more, we want to give these kids the best of the best and all the opportunities we can dream up. Let’s set the optimal conditions for them to win in spite of them not having a family. 

Campus-Style Hub

We have re-imagined and are revolutionizing the group home setting for those that truly need to be in Foster Care as they await reunification with their family or another permanency outcome.

A campus style Hub surrounded by Being Beautiful Homes throughout a county creates a new state model for the modern group home setting. We aim for Pennsylvania to be the first State in the Country to scale and showcase The Model. There are already 3 successful homes that have served more than 165 children.

The Being Beautiful Model gives foster children better healthcare, education, career development, mentoring, mental health care, life skills and most importantly the feeling of family and more. The BBF model has shown significantly improved outcomes for foster children and been acknowledged by The Governor of Pennsylvania.