Neglect V.s Poverty

 “The role that poverty plays in child welfare decision-making is a topic that has yet to be meaningfully confronted and addressed.

Poverty is a risk factor for neglect, but poverty does not equate to neglect. The presence of poverty alone does not mean a child is unsafe, unloved, or that a parent lacks the capacity to care for his or her child. Poverty can make it more challenging for parents to meet certain of their children’s needs.

We must be resoundingly clear that a child should never be removed from his or her family due to poverty alone. If we truly care about children and families, it’s time to stop confusing poverty with neglect and devote ourselves to doing something about it.”

In addition, they are also less likely to ask for help with the fear that asking for social services will increase their visibility to mandatory reporters and will increase the likelihood of investigation or worse, their children being removed.