Phase 1

The multi-media portion of Phase 1 will be piloted in the Philadelphia region (Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Berks Counties), where there are approximately 1600 kids eligible for adoption. The Matching Tech is Statewide.

The program is designed to bring awareness that these kids exist and engage and mobilize the entire region through a multi-media campaign to help recruit more than enough individuals and families to achieve the mission.

The Pilot Program

The second element of Phase 1 will be the documentation of the Pilot Program. Similar to a franchise, the program will be easily replicable in other regions nationwide.

The Replicable Model

The third element of Phase 1 focuses on finding leaders in other cities that will replicate the achievements made in the Pilot Region. The State of Pennsylvania and The Philadelphia Region will serve as a national model for what is possible.

The launch of a celebrity-driven National Campaign will bring mass awareness to this issue. It will attract inspired, capable leaders throughout the country who will take the charge to lead this in their region and replicate what was accomplished in Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Region.

The National Campaign